About Christine S. R. Jackson

I’m a bit of a writing geek. This blog is a place where I muse about writing, analyze stories I enjoy, and discuss my ongoing projects. Expect a new post about once a week.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments: S.R.ChristineJackson@gmail.com

The Hummingbird Familiar Cover

My first book, The Hummingbird Familiar, is now available on amazon. Check it out! (Cover art by Lillian Lai.)

Maya never wanted to become a shaman’s apprentice. Who would want to live deep in the woods, in a lonely house where bugs crawl on the furniture and a ghostly bear patrols the hallways? Worse, her master is an old grouch who would rather research magic than teach her how to tame a familiar. But to protect her home from an ancient demon, Maya must learn magic and leave her old life behind.


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