Time for that Yearly Goal-setting Ritual

New year, new writing goals.

Finish the sequel to The Hummingbird Familiar.
-Write, edit, and release before the end of the year.
-I’ve made some great progress on the first draft in the past couple months. I’m more than halfway done, and have about 40,000 words so far. This looks like it’s going to be longer than the first book, since I have two point of view characters.

Write at least one short story a month.
-I’ve been loving writing short stories for r/fantasywriter’s monthly challenges. In November, I wrote something I liked so much that I ended up submitting it to a magazine instead of using it for the challenge. The second story I wrote that month turned into Loose Threads, which I posted a few entries back. That story won the challenge in November.

Update this blog weekly.
-Creative time can and should be scheduled. I’m capable of meeting deadlines, so I have no excuse for letting the blog slide. I think it’ll help if I write more about fantasy.

Read 52 books before the end of the year.
-This sounds like a big one, but it’s really only a book per week. That’s easy enough, if I read daily. Reading is a good habit, and it’ll give me material to write about in the blog too.

Finish Text-based Adventure Game

-I’ve been working on a game using Quest. It’s a simple enough program, though it does make good use of the Javascript I’ve been learning through Codecademy. (Even if you don’t need to know how to code, it’s really useful to understand the underlying logic of the game.)

Screenshot from Adventure Game

An early area from the game.

I’ve always loved interactive fiction. Adventure games are like choose-your-own adventure stories with puzzle-solving and exploration thrown in. Good ones evoke a sense of place, and allow players to make meaningful choices. Working with multiple endings is liberating, since it allows me to explore mutually-exclusive outcomes. If my character is tempted to do wrong, what happens if she gives in? What happens if she doesn’t? I love following both paths to their conclusions, though it can be tough keep all the conditional statements straight.

I’m a newbie at this kind of writing, but I’m really enjoying creating settings, objects, and events. The game I’m working on is set in the same world as The Hummingbird Familiar, and lets you play as a witch who has been pushed out of her hometown.

When the game is done, I’ll make it available here for free.

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