Rethinking This Blog

I know I haven’t updated for a few weeks. It’s not lack of motivation that has been the problem, nor lack of topics. (I have a file where I brainstorm entry ideas, and I treat the brainstorming itself as a task on my to-do list.) I think I might have been approaching the topic of writing in the wrong way. I’ve absorbed the conventions of ‘how to’ blogs, since those are the sorts that I generally follow myself. But the truth is, I’m not in a position of authority. There are better sources of information out there about the mechanics of writing itself.

This blog is a process of discovery for me. I want to learn and grow as a writer, but I don’t think I’m in a position to frame anything as advice. So, I think I’m going to shift focus to exploration, and include things like writing exercises, excerpts from my works in progress, genre-specific discussion (fantasy), and musings on what I’m reading. Less ‘how to’ and more commentary/analysis on examples.

Expect to see a lot more of my actual writing, particularly short stories.

General update: I’ve been attempting National Novel Writing Month again this year, so I’ve been making nice progress into the sequel to The Hummingbird Familiar. I’m about 8000 words behind where I should be at this point in the month, but I think I can pull this off. I’ve also written a few short stories, including one I wrote for a forum contest. I intend to post that one here in the next couple days.

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