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First Chapter of a Sequel to The Hummingbird Familiar

(Some ending spoilers for The Hummingbird Familiar here.) By the time Lane noticed the spirit, it had already yanked him underwater. He had been up to his waist in a burbling creek, climbing a beaver dam for a better view … Continue reading

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Waking Up and Passing Out

I’ve been thinking about how many scenes in The Hummingbird Familiar begin with Maya waking or end with her sleeping/passing out. I know that’s an amateurish way to handle scene transitions, but I had been given the advice that it’s … Continue reading

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The Hummingbird Familiar

I’m finally done fussing with this story. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with my own editing, but I’ve reached the point where I need to send this one out into the wild and let it fend for … Continue reading

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